Strategically shoot up your letter tiles to spell the highest scoring words you can think up! Try to spell as many words as you can without running out of room or time.

      SpellShooter is a word game everyone can enjoy. Whatever your skill level, there is a mode to challenge you. Not sure where your skill level falls? Start shooting and find out! SpellShooter is jam-packed with Game Center features including 5 different Leaderboards to climb and over 30 Achievements to earn! Find out once and for all who amongst your friends is the best wordsmith!

How To Play

Time It! Mode

In a hurry? Think fast and race against the clock to see how many words you can make in 30, 60, or 90 seconds in Time It! mode.

Just Play Mode

Don't like working under pressure? Take your time and see how many words you can create in the wide-open JUST PLAY mode. Don't worry, we've thrown in some tricks just to keep it interesting...

Clear 'Em Mode

Looking for a challenge? Test your skills in CLEAR 'EM mode where we have already generously provided you with some tiles! To win, you must clear all the tiles. The fewer words it takes to clear the board, the higher your score will be!